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*sigh *

still no reply. +and+ my aunt r wants to know what he's gonna say too. ():( maybe he'll answer me in person tuesday when we go back to sckhool. i wonder if aunt r's perdiction will become true.
i called up nightwing last night. i guess he's doing all right.
easter when fine. we went to old country buffet +and+ my aunt r went over to this table across from us +and+ she was talking to this little baby boy. he had big brown eyes +and+ was adorable. my aunt r says that she thinks baby boys are the cutest things in the world.
then we hung out @ her house to watch the princess diaries. it was um, ok. it was corny in some places but i liked the fairy tale theme that went thru it, but i'm not sure if i ever would like to own it. mandy moore is in there *yuck *. i think my favorite part was when that princess streaked ice cream all over the front of her fucking uniform. that was the most funniest part in the movie besides her boyfriend getting hit in the nuts w/ a baseball. or was it his stomach??? hmmm. i would have like to find out that i was a princess of another country. it would sound like a lot of fun.
i think i'm going to check out what the tarot cards to see if i'm going to the prom w/ DB.
(i know that these one will say something good b/c it's one of those feel good site magazines for teens, this is the only reason i'll check them out is for the horroscopes +and+ the tarot reading +and+ that's it. sometimes i'll do the quizes).
well, i'm going to go check anyway. ():)


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November 22nd- December 21st
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